Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And Awaaayyyy We Go!

Well, it’s here. Period. A day and a half too early, throwing off our estrogen delaying date of maybe Friday or Saturday. I have 3 more Estrogen pills, and can only assume I should stop them. I was suppose to take them for 7 days before my period. We never discussed whether my period would come early. So stopping them makes sense, I think. Is being off a day and a bit a bad thing? Will my eggs not be as “fertile” cause I did not take all the estrogen pills in time? Am I trying to be too exact, when this is clearly an inexact science?

So I am stewing in my own juices while waiting for a nurse or the clinic to call me back, as we have been instructed to call the minute I get my period. A nurse is suppose to then return our call to verify that we start injections tomorrow morning. Meanwhile their message says that we will not get a return call until tomorrow. So, should I get the prescription tonight or tomorrow morning? I’m a little peeved it has been over two hours since I left two messages, one for the nurse and one for the clinic. I can only assume I am panicking for no reason. I am sure many women have gotten their periods “after normal business hours”. How ridiculous a notion. In the business of IVF, shouldn’t their vmail be more in tune to their client needs? Something slightly less generic? For example, “ if your period came early, please press 1”, or “If your last estrogen pill rolled under the couch, please press 2” or “if your spouse accidentally missed, injected himself and his scrotum just retracted into itself, please press 3”. Okay, maybe a little too much. But you get the idea. I feel strongly only because we are paying for this ourselves! Unfortunately, trying to conceive a child through the aid of IVF is not payable under Canadian Health Care. Oh but if you want a sex change in Alberta? “Oh you poor thing, here let us take care of that, this one is on us” says the government. Don’t even get me started on that argument.

So this is it... we are ready for take off, just waiting for the Tower to give us clearance.

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