Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ouch, now THAT hurt!

By 7:30am this morning, I was at the clinic for my first blood work to determine how well my FSH looked. Before I could say "good morning I am here for my first blood work” - the receptionist said they needed full payment. FULL payment? Before any of the ultrasounds gave us the green light to go forward with the procedure? Yes! That will be $6,500 please. Ouch. I was sure my credit card would spit that amount back at them and ask for a verbal approval. The credit card rejected the first big amount at the pharmacy for the Gonal -F epi pens and then they shut my card down. Nothing like refusing payment and then stopping me from purchasing anything else! The card company called last week to let me know my card was flagged and after hearing that I was trying to purchase fertility drugs, maybe they realized they had hit the big one and upped our credit limit? Who knows. All I know was that $6,500 flew threw that machine a little too smoothly.

A little confusion during this mornings first blood work had me in quite a lather by the time I got back home for my shot. We thought we were suppose to wait for our morning shots until after the blood work, assuming results were immediate and we would know if the doses needed correcting. We were wrong, and so my morning shot was an hour late. But anyway, I’ve had blood work done for tests like a million times. Any woman close to 40 who has gone through a pregnancy can attest, you get tested ALOT. And I am proud to say I’ve built up a bit of a resistance to the needle issue, with chatting and looking away. I’ve found a clinic nearby that does a wonderful job and can walk in pretty unstressed, knowing it won’t hurt. So I assumed that the nurse at the fertility clinic had also done this about a million times, and so for sure this would be a no brainer. IT HURT LIKE A BITCH! She was slow, and kept moving it while it was in me and then pulled the skin tight under the little circular bandaid till my skin pulled every time I flexed my arm. OUCH!! Not at all pleased with this one. I can only pray she is no where in sight the day of the egg retrieval when my intravenous gets stuck in. I may just have to be one of those women who requests another nurse.

So off I go back to my car, less an ounce of blood, less $2.50 for my parking, and less a whopping $6,500 for the procedure. It wasn’t even 8am and I was literally sucked dry.

This afternoon we got our call from the clinic nurse. I assume all looks good, as we are to remain at the same dose until Thursday. Thursday morning I will have my first ultrasound after my bloodwork. Now I am freaked out about seeing nurse Ratchet again! So fingers crossed that my little girl follicles are being tickled pink and growing as they should.


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  2. Trisha, hope you are doing well. I did not see your posts since April 20, 2010. What happened eventually? It may sound ridiculous. However, I am in the same boat. Waiting to hear from you, your IVF journey. Regards, - NJ, USA