Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yesterday was a great day. Though the morning’s injections, were a little troublesome, with the Gonal-F stinging afterwards (which can happen) and the Lupron needle separated while in me, spraying hubby with Lupron and he had to redo it. It was worse for him than me. But after the stinging subsided it was okay. I had a great day. The evening’s shots went pretty good as well. Hubby is getting much better at it. I felt good all day and had lots of energy. This mornings shots went very, very well. My nerves did not get all ratcheted up because yesterday’s shots went really well, and I was still on a high.

This post was going to be about me. I have decided to put things in perspective. Even as a needlephobe, I truly have nothing to be afraid of. I have a hubby that has the balls to give me injections. He encourages me everyday, and gives me the strength when mine is all tapped out. I know there are other women out there that do not have that support. There is one friend in particular who is doing it alone. By herself. The shots, the clinic visits, the emotional roller coaster. I am humbled by her journey into IVF. She is brave beyond anything I could ever do. While most of our relationship was during our carefree 20’s, and even though our current relationship has mostly been via email, I know she has had some shitty luck with men. That being said, she has not given up on her dream of having a family. I applaud her strength and courage. I know she would make a wonderful mother. I hope and pray that she gets the kind of joy I have experienced with having a child. I think she deserves that kind of wonderful.

Whatever the outcome of my own IVF journey, I will continue to re-read these posts and remind myself how lucky and blessed I am.

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